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Білобокий дельфін [2016] – Джарилгач

Dd_1_L Dd_1_R Dd_1_R Dd_2_L Dd_2_R Dd_3_L Dd_3_R Dd_4_L Dd_4_R Dd_5_L Dd_5_R Dd_6_R Dd_7_L Dd_7_R Dd_8_L Dd_8_R Dd_9_L Dd_9_R Dd_10_L Dd_10_R Dd_11_L Dd_11_R Dd_12_L Dd_12_R Dd_13_L Dd_13_L Dd_13_R Dd_14_L Dd_14_R Dd_15_L Dd_15_R Dd_16_L Dd_16_R Dd_17_L Dd_17_R Dd_18_L Dd_18_R Dd_19_L Dd_19_R Dd_20_L Dd_20_R Dd_21_L Dd_21_R Dd_22 Dd_22_R Dd_23 Dd_24 Dd_24 Dd_25 Dd_25 Dd_26 Dd_26 Dd_27 Dd_27 Dd_28 [...]

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Photo-identification study

Photo-identification boat cruises initially targeting bottlenose and common dolphins were conducted in the Dzharylgach Bay, at depths between 5 and 9 m, and the sea area of the Karkinit Bay near the Dzharylgach Island, at depths between 3 and 12 m. Later, during the analysis, photo identifiable harbour porpoises were also revealed on the photographs. [...]

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